Hope everyone had an amazing Christmas with family, friends, & loved ones!  I'm sure you're all still recouping from your holiday 'hangover', as this one always seems to require extra recovery time for people.  Christmas is the fair of all fetes in my famil(ies). Everything from food, to decor, to presents are always thought out in great detail to ensure the grand party that we always have.  This year was extra special, as we welcomed my boyfriend's nephew to his very first Christmas!

When it comes to giving gifts, I am an extremist.  I wrack my brains for the perfect gift year round to prepare for this holiday.  Above is a nifty idea I put together for my boyfriend's present with a card that read 'I love you with all my senses'.  I put a lot of time and thought into picking out the perfect gifts to correlate to each sense and in the end it turned out perfect; just the amount of 'cheesy' and 'adorable' I was going for :)  Gifting really brings out the creative guru that lives inside of me.  My only disappointment is in knowing I won't be able to top it off next year!

Here are remnants from the annual Ng Christmas party at Tanya of The Blissful Lane's house!


School's Out!

Ah, another semester of good grades behind me.  It has been such a grueling few months juggling both a full time job and a full semester of credits.  I applaud all the individuals who take on both, and still come out on top.  It certainly isn't easy, but investing in your future is the best thing you could ever do for yourself!  

Okay - enough with the Confucius talk.  En route to my  last exam, I snapped some photos of my last-day-of-the-semester outfit.  Yes, that is snow on the ground but it was actually a luscious 30 degrees!  In Minnesota, that's considered beach weather.  This hat came with my Urban Outfitters order mentioned in the last post and I was extremely excited to wear it!  I got it on sale for only $12; an amazing investment considering you rarely see me without a hat of some sort on.  Cheers to an ENTIRE month of overdosing on: sleep, alcohol, Glee marathons, and eating at Popeye's.

Hat: Undefeated (Sold out at UO, but you can buy here)
Shirt: H&M
Jeans: Free People
Jacket: Marshalls (old)
Shoes: Converse
Necklace: H&M, F21
Backpack: The North Face



After Monday comes Shoesday, every girl knows that! After shopping Urban Outfitters extra 50% off sale last week, I snagged these for only $35!  The shipping was quite expeditious as they showed up on my doorstep yesterday afternoon.  And who doesn't get excited when they see a box with a goddess riding a unicorn in Litas show up on their doorstep?  I'll have to wait for dryer weather before I attempt to wear these outside, but for the time being they make for great bedroom decor.  I haven't decided if I want them on my footboard where they'll be the last thing I see before I fall asleep and first thing I see when I wake up, or next to my TV so when my boyfriend and I watch movies he won't be able to tell the difference of what I'm truly staring at.

In between study sessions and wrapping Christmas gifts at home, I bring these babies downstairs and use my kitchen as a makeshift runway to get some wear time.  Being that my kitchen is only 15 feet long, I'm required to walk back and forth numerous times to get the full 'runway' experience, which leavens my roommate to scream at me to take my shoes off and to go to sleep.  God never said it would be easy, but he said he'd see me through.


Winter Favorites

With winter in full swing, these staple repeats have been uninterrupted (and all budget-friendly finds as you will see below!).  I struggle with balancing staying warm & comfortable in the winter and these items keep me both! I could lie and say I've actually thrown these in the laundry after wearing them arduously for 24 straight days, but I'm not that insidious.  Speaking of insidious, after seeing the movie my roommate and I are convinced a ghost lives with us.  Yesterday it came home, turned on the microwave, and used the downstairs powder room.  Coincidentally enough it left remnants of food from my roommates restaurant in the microwave and my roommate's slippers in the powder room.  Wait a minute....?!

Anyway, hope everyone is staying warm for the holidays!

1. Gray Sweater - Uniqlo, $20 | 2. Handwarmers - H&M, $4 | 3. Trapper hat - A&E, $10 | 4. Plaid scarf, H&M, $7 | 5. Bomber vest, Gap, $30 | 6. Vaseline Lip Therapy, $4 | 7. Tory Burch Snow Boots - Nordstrom Rack, $99


Octvember Diaries

Back from yet another prolonged hiatus!  School is taking over my life so I apologize for the lack of consistency with posts.  With the holidays right around the corner, I can't wait to parade you all with features of the upcoming events.  Here's a photo diary of the last couple of months documenting both my birthday and Thanksgiving with the family.  I kept things really low-key this year for my birthday to avoid cleaning up anyone's vomit and saving myself from sending humiliating snapchats.  For Thanksgiving, the X-Factors (my family's gang name) congregated at my aunt's adorable home (which really deserves a post of it's own) to do what we do best: feast.  Hope you enjoy the photos!


Steal Of The Week: Clutch Time

The perfect everyday clutch!  The comely cast of this gem make it versatile to use for the office and/or a girl's night out.  This folded pebbled-leather handbag features an interior with a flap of card compartments to help keep the essentials separate from the clutter.  And the best part about it?  The price tag!  We all know we've fallen victim to buying a beautiful overpriced handbag just to fill the insides with buyer's remorse and credit collection letters.  If you're lucky enough to scoop this baby up at your nearest NY&Co outlet, rest assure you can leave the store without having to check your bank account balance.