Peter Pilotto for Target

I shamefully admit I was only mildly intrigued when Target announced a couple weeks ago, the name of their next designer collaboration to be the Londo duo Peter Pilotto.  I blame my initial tepid care on the fact I was (and still am) swooning over my Philip Lim bag & am still high from the knowing Jessica Alba and I share a mutual article of clothing!  As soon as the announcement was made a personal blogger favorite, Leandra Medine aka the Man Repeller,  wrote an article on her admiration for the up and coming designers and no - I didn't just hop on the bandwagon, I dived onto it.  After seeing their Spring collection unveil at London Fashion week, I had to pick my jaw off the floor.  Every thing about their signature print placement screams "have my babies!" Yes, this collection and I belong together.  You can bet I am counting down the days to February 9th.  I already have it programmed in my phone, my work calendar, my personal calendar and tatooed across my chest.  Here's a preview of the Spring Collection:

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Jean said...

The T3i is GREAT for videos!! I wanted that one so bad because of the flip LCD so I can do selfies, but my bf said that'd be just another problem. Lol. What lens did you get? I'm so excited for you because I know you'd appreciate it and use it! :) :) I'm excited too see photos. I need to snap more photos. Been so busy!