Steal Of The Week: Clutch Time

The perfect everyday clutch!  The comely cast of this gem make it versatile to use for the office and/or a girl's night out.  This folded pebbled-leather handbag features an interior with a flap of card compartments to help keep the essentials separate from the clutter.  And the best part about it?  The price tag!  We all know we've fallen victim to buying a beautiful overpriced handbag just to fill the insides with buyer's remorse and credit collection letters.  If you're lucky enough to scoop this baby up at your nearest NY&Co outlet, rest assure you can leave the store without having to check your bank account balance.


Shades Of Grey.

Found the perfect Christmas wreath during my trip to Dallas last week.  It came in the form of garb emanating such beauty; one could only describe it in words to be "god-like".  I have been on the prowl for the perfect midi-skirt for ages in attempt to channel my inner "Atlantic-Pacific" girl, and when I laid eyes on this baby it was as if I had found the ying to my yang; the twinkle to my star; the peanut sauce to my spring roll, and well...you get the point.  So in love!  The biggest challenge I face is hiding this piece from my ostentatious roommate who has probably already found it and is trying it on in my room.