Because Sundays are my day of rest, I will be likely posting videos on this day from now on.  Here's one me, my roommate, and a friend did a few months ago that we hid from the world (for good reason) until now.  We were inspired by some parodies we saw on YouTube and felt we could poke fun at some of our own 'frenemy' stories.  Fun fact: my roommate Moni (the male in this video) still wears the black wig from time to time.  He likes to smoke cigarettes in it and sing Amy Winehouse songs.

And we all just entertainers.



Isabel Marant For H&M

My girl Izzy + H&M just leaked the first round of photos for their new collab launching November 14th.  I've already started my search for a second job to pay for the fringe boots + that men's sweater.  Make no doubt about it, the rampages will be televised.


Seeing Double

Is it just me or does Angela Rozas Saiz of Madamederosa's most recent lookbook photos facilely imitate designs parallel to traditional Hmong garments?  I don't know about you, but these photos make me want to call my mom, grandma, and grandma's grandma to steal every article of clothing in their closets.  I have always loved the vibrant colors incorporated in traditional Hmong embroidery and these photos serve as reliable coating that fashion and the inspirations that create it are truly all around us.

(Photos c/o Madamederosa)

Traditional Hmong embroidery:



After a long internal debate, I decided it was best for me to officially change my blog.  'Fivefeetsmall' has been an alias I've used to brand myself since my pre-teen years.  It was a name I had always wanted to use when I started blogging, but relented to do so because The Tattertales started as a cooperative project; one in which my co-blogger at the time chose as a name for our duo.  Since then, I have been inclined to pursue blogging as a solo endeavor.  Moreso than just photographs and fashion, writing has always been an important aspect of my blogging.  I have always been inexplicably compelled to metamorphosing my thoughts into composition.  Writing is my 'art' in a sense, and it has served as a beautiful creative medium for me to share myself with others over the years.

With that being said, I must admit it was hard to make this transition.  I imagine I will lose some followers in the oversight of information, and the success of finding new readers might never make its' way to this blog.  But one thing is for certain, this feels like 'home'.

Begin today. Declare out loud to the universe that you are willing to let go of struggle and eager to learn through joy. -Sarah Ban Breathnach

Room Tour

Frame: Ikea / Under-the-bed Storage: Target
As most of you may know I recently upgraded to a bigger place.  With school + work + the 3rd season of X-Factor recently premiering, I anticipate it will be a long while before the entire place is fully put together.  I thought I'd show my readers what I've gotten done so far for my room.  I have much more to add so keep in mind this is just the beginning stages.  Hope you enjoy the room tour!  If you have any ideas/recommendations for me, feel free to send them my way!

Keroppi will likely be donated sometime in the near future but in memory of me winning my first State Fair game this year, I thought I'd use him as a mantle until I can find a mirror to replace him and/or until he causes nightmares.  This beautiful dresser I got on Craigslist for $25.  I repainted and refinished it myself - a proud domestic moment.  Makes up for the time I burnt ramen noodles, no?

Thrifted accents.

More thrifted finds.  Love this candle holder!

This corner is just a mess.  I plan on changing everything. 
If any of you remember my gold vintage mirror, it now hangs white!

Shoe solutions.

Yes I painted my antique wicker bench white!  I went on a white painting craze, as you can tell. 



I get a lot of compliments on how I style my hair, and rightfully so - as it is not an easy task manhandling this mane on a daily basis.  Following the sideways compliments (i.e. "your hair looks combed today") come numerous requests for hair product recommendations.  With that in mind,  I thought I'd share with my readers some of the products that are currently trending for me.  Feel free to ask me any questions you might have!  

1. Healthy Sexy Hair Leave-In Conditioner  I am known for my lack of responsibility when it comes to washing my hair (or self, in general) a reasonable amount.  This product is the answer to every nappy hair girl's prayers!  And trust me, I have tested its limits.  

2. Moroccan Oil Treatment This product I use in conjunction with 3. Sebastian Progressional Microweb Fiber.   I squeeze about a penny size of these two together and rub them on the ends of my hair.  Everyone should be applying oil & fiber to their hair, especially if you have colored hair like myself.  It leaves your hair feeling and looking 100x healthier!  

4. Hot Tools 1" Curling Iron My holy grail!  I pledge allegiance to this baby.  I say it time and time again, every woman should own a 1" curling iron.  Many are deterred by the size, with the apprehension that it is too small but this is the most versatile curling iron size, IMO.  Hair tip: for looser curls, curl your hair very tight to your scalp and brush out the curls after.  Bigger curls does NOT mean bigger curling iron! 

5. Teasing Brush What a difference this makes in your hair!  If you crave volume like I do - get this brush, ladies.  'Nuff said.

6. Aveda Pure Abundance Hair Potion  I use this product in replacement of hairspray, although you most certainly can combine the two.  It holds and lifts your hair at the roots without a heavy product feeling.  It comes in a powder form so be careful not to overdo it.  Snowfall is still (hopefully) a few months away, so you have no scapegoat.  


Just added this Alabama Crimson hat to my collection of fitteds!  I really just got excited that it had the letter 'A' on it and didn't know what it meant until about 5 minutes ago c/o of Google. I paired it with my favorite $2 t-shirt & boy shorts.  My sandals are reminiscent of something my mom probably wore in the Motherland (Thailand) so I'm actually pretty upset I paid $4 for them, when I could have just raided her closet for a parallel.  I admit, it's a bit spectral the way my hankerings gravitate towards menswear.  Sometimes I think I was born a gay man stuck inside an Asian woman's body.  Anyhow, shoutout to the fact that my shoes, shirt, & clutch altogether were only $11.

Thanks for reading!  Have an amazing day.

Hat: New Era Alabama Crimson; Lids.com | Shirt: Vintage | Boy shorts: H&M | Sandals: Target |Clutch: UO

Urban Finds

If you're a devoted Urban Outfitters shopper, such as myself, you likely got butterflies upon realizing their 3 Day Free Shipping special going on right now!  With fashion transitioning toward becoming an e-commerce world, 'free shipping' is enough to make or break a purchase decision for fashion frugalistas such as myself.   

UO is known for their kitschy product lines that cater to the modern bohemian hipster with eclectic pieces that can be worn all year round.  And while I stand by this being one of my favorite stores, I will admit I only shop during their sale promos.  The plus side to that is they are almost always having a sale promo.

Peep below for my personal picks from their current sale, all pieces under $20!  Apply promotional code KOOLSKOOL at checkout and enjoy an additional 10% discount on your order.  Happy Shopping!     

Love this extremely versatile piece that you can layer for the upcoming cooler months.  If only I had those legs...

Okay this one isn't exactly fall-ready, but I'm obsessed with tie-dye.  Perfect vacation piece!  And very Madamederosa, non? 

Yes, you read that correctly.  These babies are less than $5!  Go on ladies & get your Man Repeller on.

Someone tell me when the overalls phase is dead.  Until then, why not?  

Sparkle & Fade Silky Ombre Maxi Skirt $14.99 (also love this one and this one)
Maxi's are my absolute favorite piece to wear year-round.  I have 117 and counting. 

This skirt is perfect for a lazy day.   

Love me a cute headwrap for those non-participating hair days.  

'Cause you can't have enough 'Merican pride.

Thanks for reading!  


Pretty In Pink

Quick outfit post from this past weekend!  I attended a rooftop wedding of a colleague and the weather was perfection!  I had to sport this beautiful Yoana Baraschi Gypsy number, originally $395 that I got on sale for only $25 (TJ Maxx, you are always so good to me)!  Upon spotting this piece in store, I envisioned the beautiful pseudo tan it would give me and I knew I had to have it.  My steals didn't end there as these metallic shoes were on sale at H&M for only $5.  They will be on repeat for the rest of my life.  

 I didn't have time to upload the rest of the photos as I am currently negotiating with my laptop to not commit suicide.  If you see a post in this next week, consider my impact successful. 

Shoes: H&M
Accessories: H&M / F21 / M. Kors

10 Under 10

It's really no secret that the majority of my wardrobe can be considered budget friendly fashion finds.  Today I thought I'd share some of my more recent bargains with you guys.  This post was probably one of my harder ones as almost everything I buy falls in the "Under $10" category.  Expect more of these to come!
 5 Panel Hat; Urban Outfitters: $5
Not everyone understands my preference of hats, including myself.  If I see something unique or crazy, I basically have to have it.  I call this recent find my 'Animal Kingdom' hat.  It has been on repeat.  LOVE.
 Clutch; Urban Outfitters: $5
Probably one of my FAVORITE finds as it is acutely reminiscent of traditional Hmong patterned stitching.  I adore the bright colors on this clutch and carry it with me every where I go.  Everyone seems to love it just as much as I do!  

 Pink Drop-Waist Dress, Urban Outfitters: $5 
Perfect piece for this summer! Although if you live in Minnesota like I do, you might be putting this on hold for just a bit longer (or forever).
 Brown Booties; Forever 21: $8
These are the superlative pair of boots to go with any pair of jeans.  The height is just short enough to make walking comfortable and tall enough to give your legs that extra 'wow' factor.  They are also running-man friendly so consider that the icing on the cake. 

 Knit Cardigan; Mango: $7
Everyone needs a grandma cardigan in their life!  This one is great for throwing over a summer dress or t-shirt.  I got it from my momma who got it from her momma :D

 HELLO BROOKLYN tee; Urban Outfitters: $7
Word to Jay-Z for this one.  You can never have enough t-shirts.  Or in my case, you can and you do, but you are just in denial and won't accept it.
 Linen Shirt; Target: $7
Pair this with everything!  Shorts, pants, skirts, short pants, long pants, skirt pants, no pants, etc.  You get the idea.  LINEN SHIRTS RULE THE WORLD.
 Clear Clutch; Supplies Store: $2
Yes I carry clutches inside clutches.  When they are all this beautiful, the world needs to see each one.  I'm still in the process of finding some cute zipper accessories for this one, but it is absolutely one of the coolest and unique finds ever.
Leopard Print Trousers; Target: $8
I prefer the leopard trousers over the leopard print denim as these prevail to be much more comfortable.  Pair these with that linen shirt circa 2 photos ago and you are officially everyone's desire.
Gold Sequin Pencil Skirt; Cotton On: $5
I saw this gem and almost died.  It's as if the Fashion Gods knew that this skirt and I were star-crossed lovers destined to meet.  The last time I wore this, I paired it with a flannel (naturally) and baseball cap.  This versatile piece is a must-have!  

Xo, Amy