The nascence of March and all of its' madness has circumvented humanity the last couple of weeks.  And while I am no longer in the running for that billion dollar check, I am still in the running for a Jr. Whopper in my tournament pool (beginner's luck is a beautiful thing!).

After a full day of taping pieces of my heart back together from all the game upsets this weekend - I decided some therapy would be necessary so I dragged the boyfriend to see Divergent with me!  Thankfully so, as the onscreen performance of Theo James was the perfect remedy for my low spirits and just what I needed to get my mind off of Jr. Whopper distress for a couple hours.

Temps were not in Spring's favor this day, so I really dressed for comfort.  I purchased this sweater 4 or 5 years ago while I was on vacation (mainly, because I just wanted to buy something while I was on vacation. I spent way more than I should have on it) and have only wore it a few times.  It's the perfect piece to throw over any outfit for warmth and comfort. It will likely be on repeat as both warmth and comfort have been scant this year.  I may just change my blog name to '500 Days of Winter'. That or something more palpable...like 'I Take Awkward Photos & Think I'm A Stand Up Comedian But Really No One Thinks I'm Funny'.

Cardigan: BCBG
T-shirt: H&M
Jeans: Seven For All Mankind (old)
Necklace: Forever21
Watch: Diesel
Mini iPad holder used as clutch: Herschel Supply Co
Boots: Polo Ralph Lauren


Old School

There will never be a generation that grew up in a better time than mine. The 90's aeon, with its classic cartoons, TV shows & fashion frivolities, were nothing short of  amazing. Not to mention the heavy rise of pop culture during this time. Seeing this t-shirt brought back all sorts of memories of childhood, as TLC was (and still is) one of my favorite girl groups of all time. I can't even begin to explain how 'Waterfalls' got me through my tragicomic 1 week relationship with my 1st grade boyfriend. Mainly because the boy's name was Jason and I thought the lyrics sang "don't go Jason waterfalls".

Paired the over-sized tee with a bandanna print button up & I befittingly favored the leader of a blood gang (henceforth me taking the photos on my back porch opposed to the front one this time).  I'll be the first to admit this is a predictable outfit for me as beanies, tees & leather, are orthodox for my every day ensemble. I've vigorously tried to part ways with my past, but I just can't seem to get away from always wanting to emulate a homeless man #stayingtruetomyroots.  

Photography by: Tommy Ng

Tee, Button up, & Beanie: H&M
Jeans: Free People (Old)
Jacket: TJ Maxx (Old)
Booties: Ralph Lauren


Latest & Greatest

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!  Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!  Mine was filled with things I was supposed to do and rain checks to the gym.  In other words, it was a lazy weekend for me :)  I'm officially on Spring Break from school so I've been preparing myself to be mentally and physically dormant this week.  The boy and I decided not to go anywhere this year since his parents recently surprised us by letting us know they booked a trip for us in August!  We will be going to Belize, Jamaica, and Cozumel!  It will be my first time leaving the country so I. AM. SO. EXCITED!!  Meanwhile, I’m enjoying my pseudo beach (aka bed) and my daily margaritas (aka lemon water).

In recent news - I've entered into the deepest phase of shoe mania.  What was supposed to be a one-stop-shop for a new pair of work heels recently ended up being a one-too-many-stops shopping experience.  I couldn't help myself, as each of my finds was under $30!  I even told the cashier to keep the change when he rang me up.  No. No, I really didn't.  I thought about it, but I needed lunch money.  Staying true to my black palette, here's my latest & greatest: 

1. Vince Camuto Heels, $29
2. Ralph Laurel Fringe Boots, $25
3. Nike AFI Light High Top Sneakers, $20
4. Nike Air Max Sneakers, $27


business casual

Happy Most Dreaded Day Of The Week!  It has indeed served as another manic Monday.  They even closed down college campuses in Minnesota today due to the severe cold!  That hasn’t happened since Jesus walked on water.  My boyfriend got his 3rd “Cold Day” from work and was able to stay home.  Really? Who coddles their adult employees by giving them Cold Days?!  And do they have any current openings?  I prayed really hard my car wouldn’t start this morning, but I think even God got the day off.  Unfortunately, I was cursed into making the 45 minute trek into the office – but comfortably and fashionably so! 

I stuck to my basic blacks, whites, & grays for this ensemble.  Aside from the fact that my closet is barraged with these colors, I’ve also been in a dark mood lately from overdosing on episodes of my new favorite show The Following!  I devoted my entire weekend to it.  I  stayed up till 5 AM Saturday just to finish the first series; proving my unwavering loyalty.  Beware, World, I am on full cult awareness alert.  If you even look at me funny, I WILL not hesitate to pursue a roundabout kick I learned from Street Fighter III.

Blazer, Shoes: H&M
Waxed Pants: Old Navy ($7!)
Grey Sweater: Old Navy ($3!)
White Blouse: The Loft
Necklace: Zara
Clutch: NY&C



Being that yesterday was MLK and I was defeated with schoolwork & KUWTK episodes, I am officially posting my homage tribute a day late.  Pardon the photo shoot that had to take place in my boyfriend's living room with his beautiful blinds as a backdrop.  We couldn't get good lighting so we decided to go amateur.  I contemplated pinning a bed sheet behind me, but it was laundry day so all we had was Ninja Turtle ones.  Not that I have anything against Ninja Turtles - it really just came down to the fact that the print clashed with my jacket (all Ninja Turtle fanatics exhale).

All bargains are listed subsequent to the photos!  I wanted to show off some recent store finds that have become my every day go-to items, along with the tee I wore (a $7 find!) to pay homage to the legend that left his mark on this world some 46 years ago.  I hope you know we're still living out your dream, Mr. King.

Picture 2:  Tray ($8) , Mirrored jewelry box ($5) - Target | Boots ($22) - LEN
Picture 3: Perfume - Burberry | Fake Up Concealer ($24), Bad Gal Lash ($19) - Benefit | Lipstick ($5) - Kate Moss in Nude | Lip Gloss ($5) - NYX
Picture 4: Clutch ($15) - Rebecca Minkoff
Picture 5: Homage Tee ($7) - Urban Outfitters
Picture 6: Hat ($20) - Carhartt | Army Jacket ($11) - Forever 21


Shop The Sales!

Treated myself to some retail therapy after my erratic week of returning to school and work. While it is certain my 80 hour weeks will be the death of me, I find comfort in knowing my student loans will be willed to my baby sister (sorry Kells).

Per usual, I found a volume of bargains during my trip!  I never like to shop without a mission in mind and on this particular one I was on the hunt for three very specific things: a new jacket, a new pair of jeans, and a new pair of boots; all of which I am in desperate need of (nevermind that we probably have contrasting views on what we consider "needs").  I was happily able to find all three for 1/599th of the price I would have paid regular price (that was a made up fraction used to fortify the bargain I acquired and impress you by thinking I really knew how to do math)!  Despite my hoarder-ing past, I really don't like to invest in anything that will not result in long-term wear.  I stay away from buying things just because they have a red-tag or because they are trending at the moment (bar my rainbow wind suit. THOSE ARE COMING BACK, I SWEAR).

I'll be sharing my recent finds with you guys in an upcoming post, but I thought I'd share some places I stopped by and the amazing deals they are having!  Since most stores are currently getting rid of their winter inventory, it's the perfect time to pick up some great crossover pieces for Spring/Fall. If you're a bargain shopper enthusiast, such as myself, and you have a few extra bucks - you might need want to indulge!

1. Forever 21 - Extra 50% all sale items in-store and online.
2. Express - Extra 50% all sale items in-store.
3. H&M - Extra 50% all sale items in-store.
4. American Eagle - Extra 50% all sale items
5. Len - 75% all blue tags (including shoes!)
6. Victoria's Secret - Semi Annual sale going on now!  Bras starting at $15.99 and panties at $2.99
7. Gap - Extra 40% SALE items 
8. Banana Republic - Extra 40% sale items online and in-stores.



Just celebrated my boyfriend's 28th birthday!  I orchestrated a sequence of surprises all week to make the event extra special for him this year.  They included home cooked meals (despite what you may think - that really is a novelty in this relationship), gifts, and of course - a surprise birthday party with his closest friends and family.  On his actual birthday we chose to dine at Chez Daniels, which is a French restaurant in the greater Minneapolis area.  It was superb!  We like to go all out when we eat so uniformly we delved in a three course meal.  I had the french onion soup, sea scallops, and pan seared lamb chops. Augh, just the act of typing that made me salivate.  I'm resisting the urge to scroll up to see my food pic in fear that I might self implode from envy and hunger.

It was an incredible series of events and I was almost sad to have it all be over with.  After all, he is, and continues to be, the kindest, softest, and most loving person I have ever met and the celebration of his life is paramount to me.  His patience and devotion to me over the years has truly been a catalyst for my own personal growth and I am incredibly blessed to call him mine.  You probably saw some of the photos above on my instagram (@5ivefeetsmall) and peeped my Bey limerick.  I am obsessed with her new album, particularly this song so I had to :)  Here's the entire song in case you foolishly haven't downloaded it yet.

In the darkest night hour
I’ll search through the crowd
Your face is all that I see
I’ll give you everything
Baby, love me like XO

Out With The Old

2013 ended with a successful school term, an amazing Christmas, my baby sister coming home after 4 months of touring Asia, and a promotion at work!  2014 started with a boisterous NYE with my very best friends, the successful execution of my boyfriend's surprise 28th birthday party, and a new found impulsion to conquer every day more so than the one it preceded.  I must say it has been an easy start to a new beginning.  And while the illusion of a 'refresh' button that appears every January 1st doesn't compel me to onset change or resolution; a new chapter in my life with school, work, and love certainly do. Emerging science about brain development suggests the prefrontal cortex, responsible for executive function, doesn't fully develop until age 25.  In layman terms, you make better decisions at the quarter century mark.  So I guess this is my year as a statistic - minus the decision to have chicken fajitas and ice cream for breakfast this morning. Anyhow, wishing you all wealth, health, & happiness as you commence or continue your ongoing journeys!

Here are some of my favorite items collected so far in the new year:

Necklace: Zara | Sweatshirt: H&M | Socks & Wallet: gifts from China | watch: Diesel | Tee: F21 Mens